Harry Potter's Guide to the back of Charlie Weasley... -NC-17


Hey guyss!! This is the first person I've ever drawn so be nice!!! -- I decided to make a little instruction list for Harry Potter - let's face it, Him and Charlie are CLEARLY shagging!!! - Enjoy!!

Things to note about Charlie Weasley, Harry.

1) Broad shoulders 
- These, Harry, are perfect for clutching onto whilst Charlie is fucking you against a wall; and we know he likes it when you dig your fingers in.
2) Perfect Arse - Harry, you know you want to squeeze it -- we all know you do... In fact, we all want to squeeze it ourselves, Harry.
3) Muscular Arms - Make you feel safe do they, Harry? You lucky bastard!!
4) Narrow Hips - We know you love to wrap your legs around these, Harry ...... and let's face it, Charlie loves you to aswell!
5) Short Hair - Perfect for running your fingers through when this sexy bastard is fucking you!
6) Everything! - Harry, I hate you so much for having him...... but he's got my number if he gets bored with you!!

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Title: The Most Beautiful Dragon....
Pairing: Charlie/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 
Warnings: AU, Graphic Sex, Mushy  
Summary: A 17 year old Draco is a new recruite at Charlie's Dragon reserve and has eyes for a certain muscular red-head. But Does this musuclar red-head return the feelings for a slender blonde?
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction set in the Harry Potter universe, all recognisable characters and settings are the property of J. K. Rowling and her associates. No money is made from this work.

Day One:


As the 17 year old Draco Malfoy stepped out of his Thestral-Drawn carriage onto the rough earth track, leading to the accommodation for trainee Dragon tamers, his first thought was that of freedom. Prior to this moment, his feelings had been that of worry and regret as the feeling that he had made a mistake in this enlistment to the Dragon taming team had crashed over him throughout his journey.


He began walking towards the large building in front of him, noting the brilliant sunset silhouetting the tamers flying around the fields in the distance, practising lassoing or something similar.


He was barely 30 feet from the oaken double doors at the centre of this large building, when there was a pop in front of him and a man apparated a few inches from Draco, causing the blonde to jump backwards and trip over, sprawling in the dust of the track.


He lay there, blinking and staring upwards at the man, the apparition of whom had caused him to loose his dignity within a few seconds of his arrival, and felt a swooping sensation in his stomach which had nothing to do with his recent fall.


The man, who was now holding out a large hand to Draco, to assist him on standing up, was utterly divine.


‘’Charlie Weasley, and you must be Draco?’’, asked the man as he pulled the slender teenager to his feet easily, his blue eyes lingering for a fraction of a second on Draco’s long legs.


‘’Oh...Yes…hello, I’m sorry, you made me jump.’’ Said Draco, very flustered, his pale cheeks flushing a very pale pink.


One could hardly blame Draco for his awe of the man before him. Charlie Weasley was the antithesis of Draco in almost every sense. Whilst Draco was medium height, very slim, blonde haired and long legged; Charlie was very tall, very heavily muscled with massive pectorals and huge biceps at the top of his muscular arms. In addition, as Draco’s face was pointed, pale and smooth, Charlie’s was square jawed, rough and tanned. Draco’s hips were slightly curved at the top of his long legs and slightly muscular thighs, whilst Charlie had narrow, manly hips at the top of his colossal thighs which, because of his muscled neck and massive chest, gave the red haired man a perfect wedge shape.


Whilst noting all this about the gorgeous specimen before him, Draco registered the man’s next words.


‘’You aren’t hurt are you? I was never very precise with apparition, I failed my test the first time.’’, Said Charlie with a hint of humour in his voice.


Draco gave Charlie a beautiful smile, running his wand over his prefect robes and siphoning off most of the dust.


‘’I’ll show you to your room.’’ ,Said Charlie, his eyes lingering yet again on Draco’s divine legs, picking up Draco’s bag and carrying it for him into the building.

Walking ever so slightly behind Charlie, Draco was able to admire Charlie’s perfect wedge-shape and Adonis-like backside.


Charlie lead Draco through the atrium, in which was a beautiful stone statue of what looked like 7 breeds of Dragon, all with a different coloured gem in place of its eyes, through a door leading from this room and along a wooden panelled corridor.


‘’You’re room is on the second floor.’’, Said Charlie as Draco caught up with him and the pair walked up the first flight of stairs ‘’And there’s a laundering service every other day, tomorrow being the first day for you, just leave your robes in the drawer on the wall next to your door.’’


‘’OK.’’, said Draco simply, who has been staring at Charlie avidly, hardly able to believe that such a gorgeous specimen was speaking to him, carrying his bags.


‘’Here we are!’’, said Charlie, as they walked down a second corridor and the gorgeous man opened a door for Draco, standing back to let him into the small room.


The room itself was sparsely decorated, wood panelled like the corridors, but with a large window on the wall directly opposite the door, directly beneath which was a single bed, its sheets, duvet and pillows folded neatly at the bottom. Next to the foot of the bed was a small desk which stretched as far as the door, above which was a large shelf. Directly next to the head of the bed was a small wardrobe which also stretched the length of the wall, barely leaving enough space to open to door.


‘’Not huge, but you’ll find it comfortable enough.’’, said Charlie, smiling down at Draco who blushed ever so slightly and smiled back, nodding. ‘’My room is 3 doors down in case you need anything and the bathroom is at the end of the corridor. Meals are eaten in the hall just right of the atrium and we meet outside every morning at 9o’clock for directions. Any questions?’’


‘’Not that I can think of.’’, said Draco giving Charlie another brilliant smile, ‘’Thank you for showing me here.’’


‘’No problem, I’ll meet you here tomorrow at 8am if you want, I’ll be training you for the next couple of months.’’, said Charlie, winking at the slender blonde and clapping him on one of his slim shoulders.


‘’That would be great, thank you, Charlie.’’, said Draco, looking into the deep blue eyes and wanting nothing more than to jump at the man and kiss those raspberry lips.


‘’Excellent!’’, Said Charlie, ‘’Here’s your bag.’’, he added, holding out Draco’s silver-clasped case to the teenager who reached out a hand to grab it.


Their hands brushed and Draco’s slim, pale fingers closed for a second over Charlie’s large hand.


‘’Oops, sorry.’’ Said Draco, blushing his deepest yet and taking the bag from the muscular man. ‘’Thank you.’’


‘’No problem, Draco.’’, said Charlie, smiling knowingly and winking at the blonde before walking out of the room and closing the door quietly.


After he left, Draco waved his wand at his bed, the sheets and covers of which arranged themselves neatly just before he collapsed onto it.


He wasn’t sure exactly what had just happened. All he knew was that Charlie Weasley was the most gorgeous man he had ever laid eyes on and that he had to be with him.


As images of Charlie swam into his mind, Draco began to feel his member swelling and lust overcame him and the images became more and more sexual; Charlie pushing him against a wall, large hands holding him suspended, Charlie above him in bed whilst he kissed Draco’s neck, wrapping his legs around Charlie’s waist as the latter lowered himself over Draco’s slender form.


Draco grabbed hold of his swollen tool and began to move his foreskin up and down fast, focussing on the image of Charlie’s massive pectorals and shoulders, Draco’s slim fingers digging into them as the man pumped in and out of him.


Draco came very hard, spurting his seed all over his chest and whispering Charlie’s name, riding out his orgasm.


Clearing up the mess with a flick of his wand, Draco removed his clothes and wrapped a towel around his waist, opening the door and making for the bathroom the bottom of the corridor.


As he entered the bathroom, he noticed a set of clothes on one of the benches and steam rising from one of the shower cubicles.


Draco entered the cubicle next to the occupied one, turned on the jet of hot water and sighed as it washed over his pale, slender form. He picked up the soap and proceeded to wash himself, smoothing his hair back off his face.


When he had finished, he turned off the jet of hot water and noticed that the person in the shower next to his had turned theirs off as well. He wrapped the towel around him once more and left his cubicle.


What he saw made his mouth fall open. Before him was a very naked Charlie Weasley, his perfect body dripping with water, his 8inch member looked to be semi-hard and he was drying his hair with a towel, meaning he hadn’t seen the blonde staring at him.


Draco turned around, but not fast enough, Charlie had lowered the towel and seen the boy staring at him and smiled to himself.


Draco pretended to be checking whether he had turned his shower off properly and therefore did not notice Charlie approaching him from behind, and it was only when the gorgeous blonde felt a large hand on his shoulder did he turn around to see Charlie, who was just as he had been before, only wearing a pair of very tight black boxer shorts.


‘’Charlie, what...’’, Draco started, but Charlie interrupted him.


‘’I saw you looking, Draco.’’, said the gorgeous red-head, flexing his huge pectorals involuntarily and causing Draco’s member to jump to life again.


‘’I wasn’t, I swear, I’m sorry.’’, Draco said, blushing yet again as he stared at his feet.


‘’It’s fine.’’, Said Charlie, lifting Draco’s chin to look at him, ‘’It’s not like it wasn’t obvious.’’


Before Draco could even register what the muscular man had said, he had been backed into the wall of the cubicle and felt Charlie’s lips pressed against his own.


He remained paralysed as Charlie’s lips pressed against his own twice more and were then removed.


‘’What’s the matter? I thought it was what you wanted?’’, asked Charlie, a look of confusion creasing his square jawed face.


‘’It is!’’, said Draco, looking shocked and launched himself at the man, crushing his lips against Charlie’s.


The man gave a growl which caused Draco grow instantly hard at the sound, looping his arms around Charlie’s thick neck, one of his legs rising to wrap around Charlie’s hip, his foot hooking around one of the massive thighs.


This caused Charlie to growl even more and the red haired man’s hands lowered from Draco’s curved hips to grasp his firm backside and pull upwards, lifting Draco against the wall.


Draco used this opportunity to wrap his other leg around Charlie’s manly hips tightly, squeezing his thighs around the man and causing them both to groan loudly.


One of Charlie’s arms rose to wrap around Draco’s slim torso, the other suspending his backside, whilst Draco’s arms tightened around his neck and the slim fingers threaded through his fiery hair.


For a while, the only sounds were that of deep breathing through their noses, the sound of kissing and the occasional growls from Charlie every time Draco clenched his thighs around the man’s hips in response to Charlie’s tongue entering his mouth.


They could have stayed like that for hours had they not heard footsteps coming down the corridor.


Begrudgingly, Charlie let the gorgeous blonde down with a final kiss on his bruised and swollen lips.


Draco’s legs were gloriously numb as he hurriedly picked up his dropped the towel and wrapped it tightly around his hips to hide his erection from whoever was walking down the corridor.


Charlie had turned away and was pulling his robes over his head, but not before Draco noticed a tattoo, running the length of his broad, freckled back, of a grey dragon before the robes descended upon his wedge-shaped frame.


‘’See you at 8am tomorrow morning then?’’, winked Charlie as bent down to pick up his towel.


‘’Ok.’’, said Draco, hoarsely, sitting down on the bench.


With one last, quick kiss, Charlie turned away and walked to the door, smiling at Draco as he left.


Draco waited until Charlie’s footsteps had echoed away and another tamer entered the bathroom and walked into the cubical he had just vacated with Charlie, before he himself left the bathroom and walked along the corridor.


He entered his room and found a note on his desk.




I know we moved a bit fast and I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you. I don’t know exactly where we stand at the moment and I expect you’re rather confused yourself.

            I think we need to talk so I’ll come to your room at 7am tomorrow instead of 8 so we can have a chat. If you don’t wish to see me then send me a return note and I will leave you to your own devices. If you do wish to talk, don’t reply and I’ll see you tomorrow at 7.


Charlie x


With a small smile, Draco pulled on a pair of blue boxers, climbed into bed and fell asleep, wondering what his first day as a Dragon tamer would bring him.



Day Two:


 Draco woke the next morning at 6.45am to the sound of the alarm clock next to his bed saying get up, lazy!


Mumbling a bit, Draco remembered who would be arriving at his room in 15 minutes and jumped up, cleaning his teeth with his wand and brushing his hair, making his bed and was just reaching for his clothes when there was a knock at the door.


Panicking a bit, Draco said, ‘’come in.’’, remembering dimly that Charlie had seen Draco in less than a pair of boxers.


Charlie entered the room, shutting the door carefully behind him and sitting on Draco’s desk chair, eyes fixed upon the beautiful teen standing next to his bed.

‘’Sorry, I’m early.’’, apologised Charlie who appeared to have come in his own bed clothes, a tight white vest and a pair of tight black boxers.


‘’It’s OK.’’, said Draco, a little embarrassed as he sat cross legged on his bed, looking at Charlie, and wanting nothing more than to kiss him again.


‘’I need to start with an apology, Draco.’’, said Charlie, still looking at Draco’s beautifully smooth and pale body as avidly as Draco was staring at his muscular frame. ‘’I went too quickly with you yesterday, we did all that and you hadn’t even here for 2 hours before we… before we, you know.’’


‘’Honestly, It’s OK.’’, Smiled Draco. ‘’Did I look like I was complaining?’’, he asked with a slight laugh, scratching his shoulder distractedly.


‘’I know, but I feel like I took advantage of you.’’, said Charlie, leaning forward in his Chair facing Draco’s bed and resting his massive forearms on his thighs.


‘’You didn’t, Charlie, I promise, but I don’t want it to be a one-time thing. Can’t we carry on… you know…’’, Draco trailed off.


‘’Sounds good to me.’’ Smiled Charlie, sitting up straight again and watching as Draco stood up.


The blonde boy walked over to Charlie threw one leg over Charlie’s thighs so he sat in the man’s lap face to face with him, his legs coming up to wrap around Charlie’s waist to prevent himself falling backwards.


Charlie raised an eyebrow and looking so gorgeous that Draco raised his arms and pulled Charlie’s face towards his, crushing his lips against those of the man.


Groaning slightly, Charlie wrapped his arms around Draco’s torso and stood up, causing the teenager to cling on more tightly and walking the few steps towards Draco’s bed, laying the slender blonde upon it and removing his vest, displaying a body so divine that Draco moaned quietly.


When he had disposed of the vest, Charlie crawled between Draco’s spread legs and lay between them, resting his weight on his elbows and looking down at the gorgeous blonde.


‘’Hey sexy.’’, smiled Draco, wrapping his arms around Charlie’s thick neck, dragging the square jawed head down to his own and kissing Charlie’s neck, gasping when Charlie lowered an arm to massage the growing bulge between Draco’s legs and causing Draco to bite Charlie’s shoulder lightly.


‘’Like that do you?’’, asked Charlie lifting his head to kiss Draco and rest his forehead against that of the teenager.


Draco responded by wrapping his legs tightly around the muscular hips, locking his ankles firmly and threading his hands in Charlie’s hair.


Charlie growled as Draco kissed him and gripped his waist with his now well practiced thigh muscles.


‘’Someone’s keen.’’, he chuckled, as he rubbed his groin against Draco’s, growling again as he did so and causing Draco to moan and tighten his legs.


Charlie set up a steady rhythm, pressing their groins against each other and rubbing them, rocking his hips.


The constant friction, the feel of each other’s warm bodies brought them both to their peak, clutching each other very tightly, Draco’s legs tightening once more around Charlie’s waist, thighs tensing and causing Charlie to moan so loudly he had to press his lips hard against Draco’s to muffle the sound.


They lay there for a second, Charlie upon Draco who’s arms and legs had dropped from around Charlie to the bed, red marks on his thighs where they had been griping Charlie.


After about 3 minutes, Charlie rolled off Draco, cleaning them both with his wand and then lying on his back, one arm around Draco who had thrown and arm and a leg across Charlie, and the other arm behind his head.


With his head on Charlie’s huge pectorals, Draco looked across at his alarm clock and saw that the time displayed upon it was 7:45.


He pinched one of Charlie’s nipples and said, ignoring the sleeping grumble from the god like man, ‘’we’ve got to get up, it’s quarter to eight.’’


Charlie gave a low chuckle which Draco, with his ear pressed against the broad chest, felt ripple through him. ‘’I set your alarm an hour back last night.’’


‘’Haha, so you just wanted to talk did you?’’, laughed Draco pulling the duvet over them both and wrapping his arm around Charlie’s chest again, his leg thrown over Charlie’s groin.




Day 7:


After a week of these rubbing sessions, with the occasional hand-job and/or blowjob, Charlie and Draco felt it was time to move their ‘relationship’ to the next level and both agreed that, on Draco’s 6th night, they would do this.


It went without saying that Charlie would be the top and Draco the bottom. But the pair still discussed it when Charlie slipped into Draco’s room at midnight, whispering a silencing charm on the door so the pair wouldn’t be disturbed.


They were sat on Draco’s bed, Charlie cross-legged, completely naked with Draco, as usual, on his lap facing him, straddling his waist, hands drawing circles around the red-head’s brown nipples, as naked as Charlie.


‘’So, have you ever slept with anyone before?’’, Draco asked Charlie, still tracing his finger on Charlie’s nipples whilst Charlie himself had his hands behind him, propping himself up.


‘’Erm, yeah, a couple of times. But never with someone as gorgeous as you, sexy.’’ Replied Charlie, looking at the boy who looked up as he said this.


‘’Flatterer,’’ Draco said, digging his nails very slightly in Charlie’s huge pectoral and prompting a chuckle from the gorgeous man, ‘’I know how it works, but I’ve never done it myself, are you a top or bottom?’’


‘’I’m a top.’’, Said Charlie, sitting up a little straighter and placing his arms around Draco to prevent the blonde falling backwards. ‘’I’m assuming you’re a bottom, it would be a waste if you weren’t’’


‘’I always wanted to be a bottom. But why would it be a waste if I wasn’t?’’, asked Draco, placing his hands flat on Charlie’s chest.


Charlie laughed. ‘’Oh come on Draco, you’ve got the nicest arse I’ve ever seen! Plus there’s your legs, they might be slim, but they’ve got a powerful grip, sexy.’’ He continued, leaning down for a second to place a kiss on one of Draco’s thighs.


Draco laughed and said, ‘’well know we know who’s going to top and who will bottom, even though we’ve known that all along, but what about positions?’’


‘’You don’t need to ask that either, ‘’winked Charlie, running his hands up and down Draco’s thighs now, causing the blonde to press his groin harder against Charlie’s stomach.


Draco looked as though he was about to say something else, but Charlie had had enough conversation and was growing more horny by the second.


Stretching out his legs, he lay back on Draco’s bed, shifting Draco slightly so the blonde was straddling his waist and pulling him down for a lust-filled kiss.


Draco made a noise of mingled passion and comprehension. Lying down upon Charlie, his legs still framing Charlie’s hips and kissing the man with more fervour than ever.


 Charlie lifted his hands to rest on Draco’s backside, causing the teenager to crush his lips more firmly against Charlie’s, his hands coming up to frame the man’s face, bushing Charlie’s fringe off his forehead and pausing for a moment to stare into the blue eyes.


Then, something seemed to snap in the air and the passion between them ignited, Draco adjusted his position so he was straddling Charlie’s groin completely, his flexibility allowing him to lie flat on Charlie’s chest and continue claiming the bruised lips of the muscular man.


Charlie’s hands continued massaging Draco’s backside, bringing small moans from the boy and a gasp when Charlie slowly began to rub his fingers directly upon the pink hole.


‘’Need you now, Charlie.’’, Draco said, biting Charlie’s lip lightly and pushing down on the finger currently massaging his hole.


‘’OK, hold on tight then.’’, said Charlie breaking the kiss for just a second and then standing up, Draco’s legs wrapping around his waist tightly.


Charlie turned around and lay back on the bed, Draco beneath him and continued the kissing, propping himself up on one arm whilst the other picked up his wand from the bed and summoned a vial of lubricant from his pocket.


Unlocking Draco’s legs from his waist and kneeling before him with a whine from the slender teenager, Charlie grinned and said ‘’it’s only for a second, sexy, it’ll hurt otherwise.’’


Draco nodded and observed Charlie with lust-filled eyes as the man rubbed the slippery liquid onto his own fingers and then onto Draco’s pink hole.


Draco’s moan became a gasp when Charlie slowly placed one of his fingers into his tight heat resting his feet on Charlie’s shoulders as the man added another finger and began scissoring them apart.


Draco’s moans grew in volume as Charlie added a third finger and stretched Draco still further, now satisfied that the boy was open enough to accommodate his 8 inch member.


Withdrawing his fingers with a whine from the teenager, Charlie lay back down between Draco’s legs and pressed the tip of his penis to at Draco’s opening, pausing only to claim the addictive lips of the blonde.


‘’Now, Charlie.’’, pleaded Draco, wrapping his legs around Charlie’s waist in a grip that became vicelike when Charlie entered him.


Charlie growled loudly as he became fully sheathed inside Draco, Draco’s thighs squeezing around his waist as he withdrew and re-entered him.


Charlie slowly picked up speed, hitting Draco’s sweet spot every time as he thrust in and out of the moaning boy, Draco’s arms rising to wrap around his thick neck and drag his head down for a kiss which he did not break for several minutes.


The harder Charlie thrust in and out of the boy, the more he moaned and increased the pressure of his thighs on Charlie’s hips, making the man growl as nothing else could; bringing Charlie very close to coming.


As he felt his orgasm approaching, Draco’s fingers dug into Charlie’s massive shoulders and broad back, his legs wrapping around Charlie so tightly that the muscular god currently thrusting in and out of him made a mental note to check for cracked ribs, but adored the sensation all the same, biting down on Draco’s lips as he felt a pressure in his stomach and erupted his seed inside the boy, shouting Draco’s name as the boy in turn buried his head in Charlie’s shoulder and cried out in pleasure.


They rode out their orgasms in waves of pleasure, clutching each other so tightly it might have been that they would never let go and moaning very loudly.


When they had finished, Charlie collapsed upon Draco who rolled out from underneath him, cast cleansing and cleaning charms, opened his window and returned to Charlie on the bed.


‘’That was amazing!’’’, Draco said, noting the red marks of Charlie’s sides, relic of his powerful thighs and scratch marks on the broad back as Charlie rolled over on his stomach, taking up most of the mattress, ‘’can we go again?’’


Charlie gave a muffled chuckle, lying on his back and pulling Draco down next to him, dragging Draco’s arm across his chest and one of Draco’s legs across his stomach, ‘’give me a bit, sexy, I need to recover and I don’t think my ribs can take any more just yet.’’, he said leaning over to kiss the top of Draco’s head as the teenager giggled.


‘’Love you, Charlie.’’, said Draco, tracing his hands across the vast expanse of muscle that was Charlie’s chest and causing Goosebumps to erupt there.


The red-headed man sat up quickly, resting his back against the headboard and looking down at the Draco with his brownish eyebrows raised. ‘’Really?’’, he asked as Draco sat up too.


‘’Yes, I do.’’, said Draco, blushing slightly, but assuming his favourite position, straddling Charlie’s waist and looking directly into his eyes. ‘’Why? Don’t you feel the same way?’’


‘’You know I do, it’s just, no-one’s ever said that before.’’, said Charlie, looking away from Draco, but resting his hands on the boy’s hips.


Draco did not answer, but shuffled closer up Charlie’s waist and kissed the man very lightly on his forehead.


‘’Love you, Charlie Weasley.’’, he whispered in the man’s ear, making Charlie look around, a smile on his face.


‘’Love, you too, Draco Malfoy, the most beautiful dragon ever to grace this reserve.’’, he said, kissing Draco’s pink lips and resting his forehead against the teenager straddling his hips……


Fin J


N.B – This took me all day to write, but I’m really pleased with it. I don’t think there will be another chapter, but there might be a sequel.

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Title: Different but perfect
Author: greenybrown
Pairing: Oliver/Percy
Rating: R - Nc-17?
Warning: Mushy, graphic images
Word Count: 902

Percy and Oliver were both ends of the school spectrum. Whilst Percy was slim, smooth and delicate; bookish, clever, but with excellent thigh muscles, Oliver was tall, tanned, and masculine; perfectly toned, with a glorious arse and deep brown eyes.


It seems unlikely, therefore, that these two polar opposites should have been friends, but friends they were and, though they saw relatively little of each other during school hours, what with Percy’s prefect duties and Oliver’s demanding Quidditch timetable, the two were very close dorm buddies and often chatted late into the night, drawing the hangings around either of their beds, performing a silencing charm and talking to their hearts content.


As they both reached their 6th year at Hogwarts, their friendship grew closer, and both boys sparked a lot of suspicion amongst many of the girls in the school as they appeared to be inseparable, and would often disappear to their dormitory for long periods of time.


As it turned out, the reasons for these trips upstairs were perfectly innocent to begin with. Being such good friends and connecting with each other on an emotional basis, each boy knew when the other wanted to talk, and so would both abandon the common room and make for the quietude of their bedroom.


They helped each other out whenever they could, and it was during these times that it became obvious to many people that the two boys had a crush on each other, though both seems incapable of expressing, or even understanding their feelings.


For instance, if Oliver had had a particularly stressful Quidditch practice, he would enter the dormitory, rubbing his shoulder and frowning with nerves or concentration, have a shower, change into his boxers and a t-shirt and sit on the edge of his bed in thought.


It was at these times that Percy would lay his book aside, climb on the bed behind Oliver, wrap his legs around the broader boy from behind as a gesture of ‘solidarity’ and proceed to massage the older boy’s shoulder’s for him, whilst Oliver would lay his hands on Percy’s locked and speak about his day, relaxing as Percy’s clever fingers kneaded his well muscled back.


As winter of their 6th year approached, the boys would sleep in the same bed on the occasional night of their midnight chats reached into the early morning. It would seem incredible to an outsider that the two boys had not realised their feelings for each other as they would lie in Oliver’s bed, facing each other with Percy’s leg draped across the muscled boy’s slim hips and his head on the broad chest, whilst Oliver rubbed little circles on the narrow back of the red-head.


Both boys placed their names on the list of those whom would be remaining at Hogwarts for the 6th year as Percy wished to use the library and Oliver wanted to make good use of the Quidditch pitch on his own.


And so it came to pass that, on the 24rd of December, the Hogwarts castle was almost completely disserted and Percy was treating himself to a well deserved bath in the prefect’s bathroom.

As he stood there, washing his slender body, the broad and tanned form of Oliver wood walked in, wearing nothing but a pair of very tight white boxers, which emphasised his wedge-shaped body and slim hips.


‘’Sorry, mate’’, he laughed, ‘’didn’t know anyone was in here.’’


‘’No worries, nothing I haven’t seen before,’’ chucked Percy, who turned around to allow Oliver time to get dressed.


After 5 minutes or so, Percy was just wondering  whether or not it was ok to turn round when a pair of muscled arms wrapped around his waist from behind and a square jaw was rested on his shoulder.


‘’You ok?’’ Percy asked, rather nervously as he could feel Oliver’s hard member pressing into his back and was beginning to doubt reality.


Oliver turned him around and caressed Percy’s smooth face with a large hand.


Without conscious thought, Percy stood on tiptoe and placed a kiss on Oliver’s lips.


Before Percy could even remove his lips from Oliver’s, the broad boy dropped his hands to cup Percy’s round arse and press his lips harder against the beautiful red-head. Percy’s hands, in turn rose to wrap around Oliver’s thick neck and press his body completely against Oliver.


It was not enough, they both needed more contact. Oliver’s had lowered to stroke Percy’s thigh and Percy raised it to wrap around Oliver’s waist, bringing their growing erections into perfect alignment and bringing into shocking realisation that this was that they both wanted.


Percy was dying to wrap his legs around Oliver’s waist and clamp the larger boys hips in his thighs as he had done on so many occasions, though this time, he wanted to be wrapped around him completely, his arms around Oliver’s neck and his lips wrapped around the brown haired god.


Oliver was also desperate to feel the vice-like clamp around his waist and could stand it no longer. He pulled up sharply on Percy’s behind and Percy jumped, closing his thighs about Oliver’s hips and groaning at the feel of the firm waist wedged between his legs.


‘’Not here’’, Muttered Oliver, ‘’Common room in 10 minutes’’


Percy clenched his legs around Oliver one more time and reluctantly dropped down to the tub floor.


‘’Ten minutes’’, he agrees



To be continued……..






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Title: You're my champion - I might make a sequel
Pairing: Charlie/Draco
Rating:  NC 17
Warnings: Sexual, mushy in places, Draco is 15
Summary: When Charlie arrives at Hogwarts to help with the first task, he notices a gorgeous blonde and is struck
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction set in the Harry Potter universe, all recognisable characters and settings are the property of J. K. Rowling and her associates. No money is made from this work



As Draco turned sharply on his broomstick, he noticed a tall, muscular, red-headed man walking through the stone gates at the bottom of the Hogwarts lawns. Even from this distance, the blonde could tell that this stranger was nothing short of a demi-god in terms of his beautifully shaped body, strong jaw line and general masculinity.  Draco, by comparison was also god-like, but more for his unnatural paleness, slender frame and well-muscled legs, which he tightened around the broomstick, wishing it was the waist of the amazing man walking towards him.


The feelings of immediate lust were most definitely mutual. As Charlie Weasley walked through the Hogwarts gates, he noticed a blonde-haired angel swooping about in front of him with its legs wrapped around its broomstick. Charlie felt his dragon-tamer’s robes become tight as he imagined those beautifully shaped legs wrapped around his waist and wished inwardly that he could swap places with that broomstick.


BANG! Draco fell of his broomstick and began dropping like a stone. He had been staring at the perfect curves of Charlie’s backside as he walked away from the pitch and paid for his lapse in concentration as a bludger crashed into the side of his head.


The Slytherin team’s shouts drew Charlie’s attention and, without conscious thought, he ran back the way he had come and stood, arms outstretched, just in time to catch the falling angel in his arms.


As Charlie had expected, Draco didn’t weigh very much, even given his obviously toned legs. The blonde boy groaned in Charlie’s arms, inwardly registering the amazing manly scent emanating from the red head and, even through his layers of clothing, he could still tell that Charlie possessed huge biceps and pectorals.


Trying to rid his thoughts of sexual feeling, Charlie began walking with Draco laid in his arms, but stopped when Marcus Flint yelled. ‘’You need to keep his head upright or he’ll get concussion’’.


Charlie looked down at Draco who appeared to be barely conscious but nodded. Very gently, Charlie manoeuvred the slender boy until Draco’s head rested on his shoulder and kept him supported by wrapping his arms around the blonde’s back.


Whilst inhaling the intoxicating scent of Charlie’s neck, Draco wrapped his legs around Charlie’s waist for support, a lot tighter than was strictly necessary, feeling his head swim with the pleasure of it.


Charlie grunted at the sudden, glorious pressure around his hips and wrapped his arms a little tighter around Draco as he walked and Draco’s arms looped around his waist.


‘’Don’t go through the front door, people will see me looking like an idiot’’, mumbled Draco, gesturing to the side of the castle and a small door which apparently lead into a back corridor.


When they reached the door, Charlie asked ‘’Do you think you can walk yet?’’


‘’Am I heavy?’’, asked Draco, tightening his legs reproachfully around Charlie and looking into the blue eyes of the red haired man’s square-jawed face.


‘’Hardly, you weigh about as much as one of my legs’’, chuckled the red head, looking down into the flawless face, ‘’I just didn’t think this could be very comfortable for you.’’, he said with a slight blush.


In truth, he had felt Draco’s erection pressing into his stomach the entire journey and Draco had felt his 8-inch arousal pressed against the base of his backside.


‘’Can we not keep up this pretence any more?’’, sighed Draco, placing his feet on the ground, but keeping his arms locked around Charlie’s neck, though it meant he was now standing on tip, toes.


Unhappy about the loss of Draco’s legs around his waist, Charlie frowned. Draco rolled his eyes and pressed his lips, hard against Charlie’s.


Without conscious thought, Charlie span around to press Draco against the wall and dropped his hands to squeeze the perfect backside of the slender boy.


The kissing reached a higher intensity as both boys pressed against each other, desperate for more contact, but it was not enough.


Draco jumped and wrapped his legs around the muscled waist and Charlie grunted his approval, so Draco tightened his legs around Charlie to powerfully that both boys felt they orgasms approaching and squeezed each other, if possible, even tighter, until it hit them.


They rode out their orgasm, kissing as Draco’s thighs gripped the red-head’s waist so tightly that Charlie moaned aloud at the pressure and Draco began to grunt Charlie’s name over and over.


‘’I’ve never had an orgasm from kissing before. You’ve got fucking wicked legs mate. I love the feeling of you wrapped around me’’, as he let Draco drop to the floor grudgingly.


‘’Me too,’’ agreed the slender boy, ‘’I could have squeezed you tighter but I didn’t think you would have been able to breathe, but it was amazing!’’





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Author Name: greenybrown
Title: Dragon Fire
Rating: adult, nc-17
Warning: Lots of sex, Harry is 16
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Notes: Charlie and Harry adore eachother and couldn't be more perfect a match.

In Harry’s opinion, Charlie was all man and there was nothing about the Red haired man that didn’t turn Harry on. He loved to watch Charlie getting ready for work in the morning (though granted Harry would become so turned on that the pair would end up love making yet again, meaning Charlie had to dress and re-dress about 4 times a day).

It was impossible to blame Harry for his sheer awe at the perfection of Charlie’s physique. The Tall red-head had a square jaw, covered in a tiny layer of reddish/brown stubble, gloriously huge pecks and broad shoulders which were reflected by his bulging biceps and arm muscles. A man as masculine as Charlie did not have a 6-pack; in stead, his stomach was solidly muscled and his manly hips lead down to toned legs, guided by the divine line of reddish-brown hair that lead down to his 8 inch member.

Needless to say, Charlie was the top in the relationship and, for him; there was no greater pleasure than pounding Harry into the bed. He particularly adored the feel of Harry’s tightly muscled legs wrapped tightly around his waist and would take any opportunity to pull Harry to him so as to feel the toned leg muscles gripping his hips, be it picking the 16 year old up constantly to claim the red lips or simply hugging him with the vice like clamp around his waist.

Harry, too, couldn’t imagine anything more pleasurable than wrapping his legs around Charlie’s solidly muscled midsection very tightly with his toned thighs.

In contrast to his lover, Harry was only about 5 foot 8 in comparison to Charlie’s 6 foot 2. Also, as much as Charlie was well-toned and rugged, Harry was skim and slight, with only a dusting of muscles upon his frame, the only exception to this being his well- muscled legs. Despite his passive role during sex, Harry was by no-means camp, though, and this was one of the many things which Charlie loved about the boy, that he retained his masculinity, whist being almost too cute for Charlie to describe.


Chilly winter mornings were a particular favourite of Charlie’s. He would awake, spooning His adorable lover, smelling the soft hair and placing kisses down the small, smooth shoulders, inhaling the smell of Harry’s skin.

He lay there, trying to think when he had felt less content and wondering the kindest way to wake Harry up as he knew that, when the younger boy awoke, he would be as keen as Charlie to relieve the pent-up feelings of lust which had accumulated during his dreams.

The red haired man got up, walked naked to the en suite and turned on the shower. He positioned himself facing the wall so that, when Harry awoke 2 minutes later, he was greeted by the site of Charlie’s perfectly muscled backside and Harry’s name tattooed into it.

And so it was. Harry awoke to experience that divine sight and instantly felt his member harden. Though he knew Charlie had planned this, it just made him want the man more.

Charlie was now stood with both hands against the wall, head tiled forwards, allowing the water to run down his broad back. Harry approached from behind, slipped underneath Charlie’s outstretched arms, entwined his fingers in the wet hair and placed a kiss on the stubble-lined cheeks of his man.

‘’Mmmph morning.’’, muttered Charlie, smiling as he kissed the eager young man, gripping Harry’s arse cheeks with both hands.

Harry responded by wrapping his leg around Charlie’s hip, insinuating that what he desired was a thoroughly none-verbal approach to daybreak.

Grunting in pleasure, Charlie turned off the shower and returned his hands to kneading Harry’s round, white backside with his man-like dexterity.

Charlie pulled upwards and Harry, who had been hoping for this, wrapped his legs around the solid waist as the kissing reached fever-pitch, clenching his thigh muscles as Charlie placed a hand on the side of his face and rested his forehead against Harry’s.

Due to the sudden lack of support on his backside, Harry nearly fell and was forced to clamp his legs very tightly around Charlie’s hips and, though they both enjoyed this sensation enormously, he bit the man’s lip in remonstration.

‘’Do that again and I’ll get down’’, he said, kissing and biting his way along Charlie’s collar bone.

‘’Empty threat, you love it as much as me, baby.’’, chuckled Charlie, walking them to the bed and placing settling himself sat up-right, the younger man on is lap.

Tired of talking, Harry muttered a quick lubrication spell and eased himself gradually onto the throbbing head of Charlie’s cock.

They mashed their mouths together furiously as Charlie flipped them both over and began moving in and out of Harry with such need and ferocity that they were soon yelling each other’s name, Harry wrapped around Charlie so tightly now that the older man could barely breathe.

In one, glorious period of earth-shattering ecstasy, both men exploded with pleasure and the waves of euphoria continued to crash over them , getting milder and milder until they lay there, not moving, panting as though they had run two miles.

‘’Time for another shower, I think,’’, Giggled Harry, crawling on top of Charlie, straddling his waist and placing a lasting kiss upon the lips of his lover.

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Cedric's Better Side (In Harry's opinion!)
Rating: Adult , NC17
Warnings: Harry is 15, Cedric is 17
Summary/Notes: It is common knowledge that Cedric Diggory is perfect - but to Harry, he has an even better side.......

Cedric Diggory was perfect. It was plain and simple and there was just no getting around the fact. To his teachers, he was a perfect student; attentive, calm and clever. To his friends, there was none better; loyal, brave and supportive. But to Harry Potter, Cedric Diggory just couldn’t be better in any way, shape or form.

Cedric and Harry had realised their love for one-another during Cedric’s 6th and Harry’s 4th year but, in an attempt to conform to some of the many rules they had shattered during their relationship, they had imposed all the willpower they possessed into not consummating their new found love until Harry was at less of a tender age.

It must be said that they did extremely well considering the practically tangible vibes of love and lust emanating from both boys when they were in each other’s company. When Harry was in his 5th year and Cedric in his 7th, the two boys decided that they could stand it no longer and that something would have to be done about the current situation, and soon.

As previously mentioned, Cedric was perfect. He would insist upon helping Harry down flights of stairs or opening doors for him. If Harry was struggling with a peace of homework during his and Cedric’s many hours of seclusion in the room of requirement, Cedric would scoop him up, lay Harry on the bed next to him, drape one of Harry’s legs across his hips, rest Harry’s head on his defined chest and explain the problem until the younger boy understood.

In turn, it was safe to say that Harry simply worshiped Cedric. Everything about the older boy seemed to fascinate him, from the perfectly curved lips to his fathomless grey eyes. It was true to say that the two of them could simply lie for hours, entwined within the quietude of the room of requirement, listening only to each other’s heart beats.

When the magical day of their consummation arrived, neither of themn could have prepared themselves for the sheer, fiery passion which exploded into being and ever since has left scorch on their souls. It was then that Harry realised the best part of Cedric… He was absolute dynamite in bed.


The morning of December the 18th started as any other day of the holidays would for Harry; he awoke, washed and dressed and went about his daily business as usual. It was when he was sat within the warm sphere of comforting light and heat emanating from the common room fire at 6oclock that Harry received his first shock.

He had been staring into the tounges of flame, licking the charred logs of the fire and reflecting on how much he missed Cedric and wondering what he wouldn’t have given to escape Ron and Hermione’s bickering for an hour or two with his love when he heard a tapping on the window.

‘’That’s Hedwig.’’, said Hermione, pausing in remonstrating Ron for his slur on one of her elf-hats.
Harry didn’t answer, but crossed to the window, grabbed Hedwig and read the note.


I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch. There’s a reason. I’m outside the fat lady.

C xxx

Harry stuffed the note in his robes, picked up his bag and left, muttering that he was going to take a bath. As soon as the portrait was opened, Harry was engulfed by a warm, strong pair of arms and his vision was clouded by the smooth, soft hair of his boyfriend.

There they remained; Harry looped his arms around Cedric’s neck and stood, inhaling the intoxicating scent of his lover whilst Cedric’s arms had dropped to the raven haired boy’s waist.
‘’I have a surprise for you,’’, Cedric whispered

Harry looked up and kissed the soft lips and stood on tiptoe to thread his hands through the soft hair. Cedric turned and pressed Harry against the wall, all the while maintaining the intensity of their kiss.
One of Cedric’s hands found Harry’s leg and pulled. Harry quickly complied and wrapped the leg around Cedric’s hip. Without a word, Cedric pulled harry along the floor to the opposite end of the castle where the door to the room of requirement stood waiting for them.

‘’I like where this is going,’’, said Harry, raising an eyebrow. Cedric chuckled and pulled his young lover into the room.

It was not the quiet room of their cuddles, but a room designed for passion. Red drapes hung from the walls and the large, four poster bed I the middle of the room was surrounded by candles and covered in pillows and cushions.

‘’I think it’s about time…’’, began Cedric, but Harry cut him off with an extremely passionate kiss, throwing his arms around Cedric’s neck and attempting to wrap his legs around Cedric’s waist, though he was not tall enough.

‘’Oooh, I love it when you wrap your legs around me,’’ murmered Cedric and dropped his large hands to lift Harry’s firm backside into the air. Harry wrapped his legs around Cedric’s waist tightly, forcing a groan and an increase in the speed of kissing from the older boy.

Harry tightened his legs around Cedric whilst the brown haired boy walked them to the large bed in the corner of the room and climbed onto the bed, Harry still clinging to him.

They remained there, kissing and gyrating whilst Harry slowly tightened his legs around the older boy until his thighs were positively clamped around the other boy whilst Cedric, in turn was delighting in the sensation of the vice-like pressure around his hips.

Cedric broke this kiss and sat up on the bed, pulling Harry with him so the raven haired boy was sat astride his lap. Harry placed his hands on Cedric’s cheeks and looked down at his love. Their eyes met for a second before they resumed their kissing, Cedric waving his wand, causing their clothes to disappear and expose their throbbing, damp members.

Harry reflected briefly how divine Cedric was to look at before nothing the red marks around his waist due to the pressure of Harry’s divine thighs.

Another spell and Harry felt his opening loosen slightly, whilst a slick substance coated him. Relaxing his grip on Cedric with his legs, he lifted himself up and lowered himself, ever so gently, upon Cedric’s magically hard member.

They both let out sighs of pleasure as Harry became accustomed to the invasion and the, Cedric’s perfect side exploded into being; he flipped Harry onto his back and told the younger boy to wrap his legs around him ,which Harry did only too happily.

Then came the magical fire of pleasure, Cedric began to move in and out of Harry with such need, such want and speed that both boys were soon yelling in ecstasy, Harry’s nails biting into Cedric’s back and his legs clamped around his waist.

Their kiss only broke occasionally to allow them time for inconvenient need for air and then the returned to assaulting each other’s mouths.

The explosive moment, neither would ever forget, Cedric bust forth inside his lover, yelling his name and pummelling him into the duvet. Harry was screaming too, clamping his arms and legs around Cedric and actually leaving the bed momentarily in his need to be closer to the subject of his adoration.

As the waves of indescribable pleasure washed over them both, the collapsed in a heap upon each other, panting and groaning in equal measure.

‘’I’ve never seen that side of you before, sexy,’’ whispered an exhausted-looking Harry.

You're All I need

Title: You're all I need
Author/Artist: Greenybrown
Pairing: Draco/Ron
Rating: NC - 17

Explicit material, swearing
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Summary: Account of one of Ron and Draco's steamy situations

One simply had to look at Draco Malfoy to tell that he was a bottom-boy. A single glance at his smooth body, slight stature, slender frame and well practiced, tightly muscled thighs all provided the immediate impression of this, corroborated by that fact that Draco Malfoy really was a bottom boy and had very clear ideas about how he wanted his sex to be.


Luckily for Draco, his flame-haired lover, Ron Weasley, was instantly recognisable at a glance to be an exclusive top. As with his shorter, slender companion, Ron’s preferred sexual role was just as distinguishable from his physical characteristics. His heavenly broad shoulders, leading down to perfectly formed pectorals were accentuated by his slim hips and slight abdominals. It wasn’t visible to any who didn’t already know it was there, but a long and extremely faint bruise ran the length of his sides, above each of his hips and the reason why was well known to both boys as they both adored the cause equally.


As I said, Draco had very clear ideas about what made good sex and it was lucky that the blonde’s boyfriend shared these views and it was henceforth with an enormous amount of passion and intensity that they embarked upon each of their love-making sessions. As a bottom, Draco adored the feeling of Ron’s glorious member penetrating his pink opening and the scorching flame of passion that erupted between them as they made love. In addition, Draco’s favourite position was lying on his back, looking into the sapphire blue eyes of the flame-haired boy above him, with his gloriously muscled thighs wrapped very tightly around Ron’s waist.


Ron, too, simply adored the feeling of Draco writhing beneath him and the feel of those tightly toned thighs gripping his hips so tightly he could barely breathe. As a matter of fact, neither boy particularly minded where they had sex or in what position, the sole proviso being that Draco’s legs were wrapped around Ron and it was upon this shared passion and the perfect sexual match between them, that the two boys enjoyed a rigorous sex life. What follows is but one, particularly juicy, encounter.




It became increasingly difficult, what with the steady trickle of students walking to and from the library in their seventh year, for Ron and Draco to find any opportunity to sneak out for a few stolen hours of sex.


The two boys soon overcame this problem simply by informing their friends that they were going for a bath and, as they agreed on meeting times prior to this, they met at the prefect’s bathroom at 8o’clock on one unusually chilly June evening.


It was indescribably attractive to Ron that he could always smell the minted scent of Draco’s wonderfully slender body before he could even see him and tonight was no exception. The natural smell of his golden-haired angel met his nostrils and seemed to shoot straight to his loins as he rounded the corridor leading to the Prefect’s bathroom and he quickened the pace as he honestly did not know how much longer he could go without feeling Draco’s raspberry lips upon his.


It was with some confusion therefore, that Ron reached the door of the Prefect’s bathroom and was unable to spot his lover, though he knew Draco must be within the vicinity as he could still detect the delicious odour coming from him.


‘’ Draco?’’, he questioned as he looked around and no sooner had he spoken than two soft, cool hands slipped over his eyes and a voice whispered in his ear.


‘’ Guess who, sexy?’’. Ron didn’t respond but instead reached behind him, felt she slightly curved hips of the boy he craved now more than anything and span Draco to face him.


The pale, almost luminous, face grinned up at him with beautifully white teeth and the lips parted to form the words ‘’I need you’’.


It was more than Ron could bear. His arousal had already been pushed to breaking point do to his anticipation of what was to come and no he let all his passion come to the fore.


Draco jumped up and Ron, who was used to this as much as he loved it, grasped his backside and squeezed whilst Draco entwined his arms around Ron’s neck and wrapped his legs around Ron’s hips.


‘’Kiss Me.’’, Said Draco simply and Ron mashed his mouth against his lover’s with all the need he could muster as their lip met again and again as though each thought he would die if they were separated for too long,


Draco tightened his legs around Ron’s waist and Ron growled in pleasure as he brought his hands up to caress Draco’s smooth face whilst the other boy clung to him.


Ron, still carrying Draco, opened the door to the bathroom behind them to find that Draco had already attended to the bath which was now full of hot and bubbly water. Draco unlocked his legs and dropped to the floor to remove his clothes. Ron gave a grunt of displeasure at the loss of Draco’s powerful thighs and soft lips but followed suit and soon they were both stood naked facing each other, their arousals jutting out defiantly in front of themselves.


Draco walked to Ron and placed his hands on the well-muscled shoulders. ‘’Fancy a dip?’’, he asked as he snaked his right leg up to rest on Ron’s hip. Ron did not answer but placed a ferocious kiss on Draco’s mouth and pulled the other boy into the perfect water after him.


Once their bodies had been enveloped by the liquid, their inner fire seemed to reach blazing point and they dived for each other;  Draco entwining his fingers in Ron’s hair and Ron himself placing a hand on each of Draco’s thighs to pull them up to clamp about his waist.


Draco complied and fastened his legs with a vice-like power around Ron whilst the red-head began to manipulate the blonde’s opening whilst never releasing the nnow bruised lips of his lover.


‘’Ready?’, Ron questioned Draco who responded by clenching his thighs in encouragement.


As the tip of Ron’s member entered his opening, Draco dug his nails into his lovers shoulders and temporarily lost the grip in his legs as the sheer pleasure overcame him.


‘’Wrap them around me again, baby, I need to feel you squeezing me’’, demanded Ron in shock as Draco’s ankles unlocked.


Draco grinned and complied, determined to make up for his mistake, he gripped Ron as hard as he ever had done and, as Ron began to move in and out of him, slowly increased the pressure until they were both moaning with pleasure and suffering from some form of addiction to kissing.


They climaxed together; Ron biting Draco’s neck and Draco himself yelling in ecstasy and tightening his legs so fiercely around his lover that Ron made a mental note to check for cracked ribs but adored the feeling all the same.


They remained there for a while, wrapped around each other, buried in each others necks, savouring the anti-climax until cramp compelled Draco to drop fully into the water.


‘’I know it’s cheesy and everything,’’, said a blushing Draco, ‘’But you really are all I need’’.


Ron didn’t answer but wrapped his arms around Draco and squeezed.



Drarry Attempt

When Draco Malfoy snuck out of the Slytherin Common room that night to spy on the Griffindor's Quidditch practice, he had no idea that he was going to be exploring a lot more than the team's new training tactics. He walked calmly across the Hogwarts lawns to the Quidditch stands with no hint of embarrassment or nervousness, even considering that the entire Griffindor team was watching him. They were all stood in a line, their robes splattered with mud and....... Their robes splattered with mud?

''Oh crap.'', he muttered, the realisation that he had missed the practice crashed over him like a tidal wave.  Despite this, he maintained his posture and continued walking to the stands and took a seat, legs crossed, watching the team shrug at eachother and continue marching towards the showers.

Despite his embarrassment, Draco realised that, despite a relatively large distance between them, he had a perfect view of Harry's  backside as the incredibly muddy teenager walked away from him into the changing room.

It was at this moment that an exciting and slightly firghtening prospect loomed over the slender blonde. He noticed that the only one of the team who seemed muddy enough for a shower was Harry himeslf and that, in roughly 10 minutes the raven haired boy would be alone and naked under a jet of hot water, surrounded by steam.

Making up his mind, Draco sprinted to the door of the changing rooms and performed a quick dissilusionment charm on himself. He hadn't done a very good job, but he felt safe in the knolwedge that the rest of the team would not be particularly bothered about what was around them and would have theuir desires resting on their beds.

As it was, the team (except Harry) emerged as one and Draco was forced to flatten his slender frame against the wall so as to avoid the swinging arms of Oliver Wood. After making sue they had all vanished, he removed the charm and snuck into the changing room and found himself staring directly into the eyes of Harry Potter.

The black haired teenager was standing opposite him, clad in nothing but a pair of very tight, white boxers and rubbing himself with a towel.

''Malfoy!'', he exclaimed, dropping the towel to his waist to conceal himself (an act which made Draco smile). ''I'm hardly wearing anything!''

''Oh crap, where are my manners. Let me make you feel less self conscious.'', replied Draco with a smirk and removed his clothesdown to his own underwear which were blue, and a lot tighter than Harry's.

Now they were similarly attired, the differences between the two boys became very apparant. Harry was taller than Draco and very well toned, due to his Quidditch skills, and his perfect abdmoninals lead down to a heavenly wedge-shaped frame and slim hips which excentuated his broad shoulders.

By comparrison, the smaller Draco was very slight , slender and partially toned. He had well-developed thighs which, despite his shocked state, Harry couldn't help but imagine wrapped around his waist. Draco's torso was flatter than Harry's and his hips were slightly more curvacious.

''What are you doing, Draco?'', asked the black haired boy wearily. ''I'm tired and I  haven't got the energy for a fight''

''Calm down, Potter,'', said Draco softly, taking a few steps towards Harry. ''I had something much more rigorous in mind.''

And without another word, the blonde closed the gap between the two and stood on tiptoe to plant a soft kiss on the lips of the shell-shocked teenager opposite him.

Harry made no move and merely stood there, aghast as he dropped the towel. Draco's face fell at the reaction his kiss had recieved and made to leave, when he glimpsed Harry's boxers.

Behind the thin material, Harry's member had swollen and was now rock-hard against its restraint, mirroring Draco's.

''Look's like you liked that eh, Potter?'', he drawled, rasing an eyebrow.

Without another word, Harry grasped Draco by the hips, span him around and slammed the smaller boy against the wall behind them. Draco flinched and covered his face with his hands, but Harry grasped them and placed them on his own shoulders, letting his hands fall to rest on Draco's hips.

Draco's flinched turned into a smile as he reached up to claim Harry's mouth once more, his hands threading in the other boy's hair and reaching up to his full height to maintain the embrace. The large hands of the raven haired boy lowered to grasp Draco's backside and the blonde's right leg rose to wrap around his left hip.

Harry growled and stroked the leg, relishing its smooth texture and firm feel. But it wasn't enough. Harry gave a small upard-tug on Draco's behind and the smaller boy siezed the oppertunity to jump up and wrap his legs around Harry's hips. They both groaned and Draco, realsing that Harry enjoyed this feeling as much as he did, tightened his thighs around Harry's waist and increased the preassure of the kiss until he was almost gasping for breath.

''Like that, Potter?'' he grinned as he clenched his legs around Harry once more, feeling his lover's teeth nip into his neck in pleasure.

''Yeah oh YEAH,'' Harry almost shouted as he wrapped his arms more tightly around Draco's back as the blonde dug his nails into Harry's broad shoulders. ''I wanna fuck you so hard.''

''I want that , too. But not here'', replied Dracom looking into the emerald eyes of the boy currently clamped between his thighs. ''Come with me''

''No, here.'', replied Harry, reaching behind him to prevent Draco from unlocking his heels and releashing his grasp.

''Ok, but I need to get down to take these off.'', said Draco, attempting once more to unlock his legs.

WIthout a word, Harry ripped he blonde's boxers along the seam and pushed him against the wall of the changing rooms once more.

''Hold on tight, I need to get these off.'', said Harry, indicating his own underwear.

''Yeah, like you need an excuse to get me to hold on tight'', said Draco, wrappig his arms and legs with a vice-like intensity around Harry as the raven haired boy releashed the support of his arms to remove his boxers.

With both their penises unleahsed, Harry and Draco's frenzie reached a pitch and they mashed their mouthes together more fiercly than ever,

'What the fuck!?!'', shouted a voice from behind them. Fred Weasley had forgotten his Quidditch boots.....

To be Continued.....  Chapter 1 Collapse ).